An Audiologist Visit Can Address These Reasons for Not Wearing Your Hearing Aids

A 2020 study by the University of Manchester revealed that a whopping 20% of people who own hearing aids do not actually wear them. This is alarming because, left untreated, hearing loss is associated with an elevated risk of loneliness, social isolation, anxiety, depression and dementia.

Another study from 2013 found the most common reasons for hearing aid nonuse. Below we cover some of the reasons identified by the study and how an audiologist can address these concerns.

Did Not Meet Expectations/Perceived as Not Effective

Portrait senior woman with white toothy smile while hearing check-up with ENT-doctor at soundproof audiometric booth using audiometry headphones and audiometer

Whether your hearing aids didn’t meet your expectations or you feel like they’re simply not effective when

dining out at Desert Oak Barbecue, the problem may come down to programming. Follow-up is key to successful outcomes with hearing aids. This is because the initial programming is based on the results of your hearing test, which occurs in a sound-proof booth. Real-world situations will require different programming. These adjustments can be made by your audiologist during a follow-up visit.

Challenges with Fit & Comfort/Side Effects Such as Rashes or Itching

If your hearing aids feel like they don’t fit in your ears very well, your audiologist can take a new impression of your ears and create a new earmold. If you feel like your skin is sensitive or allergic to the material, your audiologist can create new earmolds using something else.

Challenges with Care and Maintenance

If your devices aren’t working and you’re not sure why, bring them in for a clean and check appointment. During this visit, your audiologist can diagnose and fix any issues with the device. We recommend bringing your devices in for a clean and check every six months to ensure your devices stay in proper working order.

Stigma/Appearance/Cosmetic Concerns

From smartwatches to AirPods, wearable technology is becoming so popular, nobody will think twice about the hearing aid in your ear. Plus, hearing aids are becoming sleeker and more discreet, boasting more and more incredible features.

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