Hearing Aids Are a Sound Financial Investment

Ninety to 95 percent of mild to severe hearing loss cases could be successfully treated with hearing aids, but only about 20 percent of people who could benefit from the devices actually wear them. One of the biggest reasons people cite for not following through on their hearing loss treatment is the financial cost of hearing aids. Below is an overview of why hearing aids are actually a good financial investment.

Better Job PerformanceRelaxed Businessman Using Phone in Hotel Room who also has a hearing aid

A 2013 study published in The Hearing Journal found that adults with hearing loss make up to 25 percent less money than their normal-hearing colleagues and are significantly more likely to be unemployed.

There are many reasons this might be the case, but the major factor likely comes down to communication ability. Nearly every profession requires strong communication skills with your manager, coworkers and/or clients. If you’re spending more time during a conversation trying to follow along than actually participating, it may give the impression that you’re not a team player, even if that’s not the case. In addition, misunderstanding important instructions from your boss could be costly or even dangerous.

These problems, including pay discrepancy, could be prevented with the use of hearing aids, which have been proven to improve communication and job performance.

Improved Health & Safety

Studies have shown that people with hearing loss are statistically more likely to experience a fall or other accident that lands them in the emergency room. This is likely due to a combination of lower overall awareness of one’s surroundings and the fact that the balance system, as well as the hearing system, is located in the inner ear; if one is damaged, there is possibly damage to the other as well.

Hearing loss has also been linked to quicker brain deterioration. A study by Johns Hopkins found that people with mild untreated hearing loss are twice as likely to experience dementia than those with normal hearing, those with moderate hearing loss are three times as likely and those with severe hearing loss are five times as likely.

It’s no secret that hospital bills can be costly, and treating your hearing loss is one way to avoid this avoidable expense. And when it comes to brain health, you can’t put a price tag on having a healthy memory.

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