Healthy Hearing Tips

As the field of audiology rapidly advances, the significance of healthy hearing becomes more and more evident. Scientists are gaining a deeper understanding of audiological medicine, the underlying causes of hearing loss and the widespread effects hearing loss can have on your physical, mental and emotional health.

healthy hearing

Help keep your ears protected and your hearing precise by following these tips for healthy hearing.

  • Get your hearing professionally checked every few years if you’re under the age of 50 and annually if you’re over the age of 50
  • Invest in earplugs made from custom earmolds, which offer the best fit available for exceptional, individualized hearing protection
  • Keep a pair of earplugs in your purse, pocket or car for situations in which you encounter unexpected loud noise
  • Always wear hearing protection when using noisy equipment, machinery, vehicles, firearms or power tools
  • Keep an appropriate amount of distance between yourself and any sources of loud noise
  • Stand at an angle from a loud noise source rather than directly in front of it
  • Always remain aware of the volume settings when enjoying auditory activities like listening to music, watching TV and playing video games
  • Buy appliances and vehicles with low decibel output whenever possible
  • Eat foods rich in folic acid, antioxidants, zinc, magnesium, vitamin D and omega-3 fats, which have all been proven to promote hearing health
  • Quit smoking; the carcinogens found in tobacco products cause irreversible damage to the hair cells of the inner ear and the auditory processing nerves in the brain
  • Ask your employer for industry-standard ear protection—which is required by law in many noisy work environments—if you are frequently exposed to loud sounds
  • If you have already been diagnosed with hearing loss, wear hearing aids. While they can’t cure hearing impairment, they will slow down its progression and can help prevent additional loss.

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