How Summer Can Impact Your Hearing Aids

Summer may be coming to a close, but the hot Texas heat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This means there is plenty of time left for family picnics, outdoor adventures and damage to your hearing aid caused by exposure to heat, sweat and water.

Dangers of Summertime Heat

A beachball floating in a pool.

A summer day in Texas can easily get into the triple digits. This excessive heat can cause damage to both the outer casing of your hearing aids and the batteries inside the devices. More dangerous than direct sunlight is leaving your hearing aids in a hot car, which can easily raise to hazardously high temperatures.

In order to prevent damage from summertime heat, always store your hearing aids in a cool, dry place when they are not in your ears.

Dangers of Beaches and Pool Water

The best way to beat the heat is to spend the day on the water. While any exposure to water can damage a hearing aid, salty ocean water or chlorinated pool water can be even worse.

When on a beach vacation, ocean water can leave a salty crust of salt crystals inside the device. This can occur whether you are on the water or lounging on the sand. In order to protect your hearing aids, you should place them in a dry kit or in a protective sleeve. Sleeves made of spandex or polyester can offer protection from sand and spray.

Chlorinated pool water can corrode the battery within your device or damage the microphone or receiver. Always remove your hearing aids before going in for a dip at Pavo Real Swimming Pool. You should place your hearing aid in a waterproof container even if you are only dangling your feet in the water, as you never know when you’ll be in the splash zone.

Dangers of Sweat

Everyone sweats during a Texas summer. The mix of sweat and humidity can cause condensation to build up inside your hearing aid, which can damage the components. To help remove the moisture after a long day, place your hearing aid in a dehumidifier to dry out overnight.

To learn more about protecting your hearing aids this summer or to schedule an appointment with a hearing aid expert, contact Tinnitus & Hearing Experts today.