Keep Your Hearings Aids Away from Your Pets

You and your best furry friend may be inseparable, eating dinner together and going on long walks. But if you wear hearing aids, this is something that must remain all yours. Not only can your dog damage your expensive hearing aid, the battery inside the device is toxic.

Below are our tips for how to protect your hearing aids from your pets.

Utilize Your Storage Case

Most hearing aids come with a protective carrying case so you can throw them in a purse or backpack without worrying about them getting damaged. In fact, if you have a newer rechargeable hearing aid, your case can protect your hearing aids and charge them at the same time.

Making it a habit to always place your hearing aids safely in their case can keep you from losing the small devices. In addition, the case ensures if your pet does come into contact with your hearing aids, they are less likely to damage them; even if the case ends up in your dog’s mouth, the hearing aids inside are still protected.

Establish a Storage Solution

Elderly woman changes the battery in the hearing aid. The problem of hearing in old age. Close-up, selective focus.
Your hearing aids spend most of the day in your ear. It is important to know where they are the rest of the time. But figuring out a storage solution can be tricky. You want them to be easily accessible in case you need to grab them and go, but you also want them to be safety out of reach of tiny hands and paws.

Some opt to place their hearing aids on a high windowsill or a shelf in the bathroom. Since the bathroom can get warm and humid, this is not the best place to keep an electronic device. You also don’t want to risk knocking them down a drain. A windowsill puts your hearing aid at risk of being exposed to direct sunlight during the day, which can damage the devices.

The best storage locations are:

  • Nightstand drawer
  • Jewelry box
  • Sock drawer
  • On top of a tall dresser

Dispose of Batteries Safely

Batteries are harmful to dogs when ingested. In order to protect your pet, you should never throw a lithium-ion battery in the trash. An outside trashcan puts stray animals and other dogs at risk.

Instead, try saving your dead batteries in a container. Once full, you can bring it to a local recycling center to have them disposed of appropriately. You also want to safely store your unused hearing aid batteries as well.

Taking proper care of your hearing aids helps you stay connected and protects the safety of your pets. Contact your audiologist at Tinnitus & Hearing Experts to learn more.

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