Tips for Using Hearing Aids With an Active Lifestyle

Hearing loss doesn’t have to stop you from kayaking, biking, running, hiking at Franklin Mountain State Park or climbing at a local gym. Hearing aids can help you continue to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Approximately 28.8 million U.S. adults could benefit from the use of hearing aids. Don’t let your active lifestyle get in the way of enjoying the benefits the devices offer. By taking protective precautions, you can enjoy hiking a new trail or running near the local lake while caring for your hearing aids. Take a look at a couple of ways to accommodate for your hearing aids when out on one of your adventures.

Try Water-Resistant Hearing Aids

Woman wearing hearing aid on a run drinking out of a bottle

It is becoming more common for hearing aids to have water-resistant features. While they are not waterproof, the water resistance helps protect them against accidental splashes. You may not be able to swim in your hearing aids, but the water-resistant coating can help you feel more at ease running or hiking near, but not in, sprinklers and waterfalls.

Invest in a Hearing Aid Cover

Like water-resistant hearing aids, a cover will help protect your devices against accidental splashing. Hearing aid covers generally come in a fabric material or water-resistant spandex. The covers help protect against splashing, with the spandex being the more water-resistant option, as well as dirt, sweat and dust.

Wear a Sweatband

A simple and cheap way to protect your hearing aids while exercising is to wear a sweatband. When you exercise, especially in the hot sun, sweat can drip down to your ears and damage your hearing aids. Wearing a sweatband is a simple and inexpensive way to protect your devices from dirt and water damage.

By reducing background noise, amplifying speech sounds, making you more aware of your surroundings and maybe even improving your balance, hearing aids help make active lifestyles safer and more enjoyable.

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