Tips To Encourage Hearing Aid Responsibility in Children

Every parent knows that children are a bit prone to losing their possessions. With this fact in mind, it’s natural for parents to worry about how their children will adapt to and care for their hearing aids. Let’s look at some essential tips to help your child keep hearing aids off their “Lost Items” list.

Help Them Get Comfortable With Their Devices

Young girl getting her first hearing aids

If your child finds their hearing aids uncomfortable, they’re more likely to remove them—increasing the likelihood of loss or damage. If they’re new to hearing aids, have them wear their devices for a few hours, with breaks in between. This gradual acclimation period will help cut down on soreness from extended wear.

Dirty devices can also cause irritation and infection. Teach your child how to clean their devices and do your best to establish a morning or night cleaning routine.

Get Them Involved

Approximately 34 million children worldwide live with hearing loss requiring treatment. While pediatric hearing loss is common, getting your child on board with treatment can be tricky because many kids struggle to get excited about something they didn’t choose. Try including your child in the hearing aid process from day one. Allowing them to choose their devices can give them a sense of control over their treatment.


Hearing aids come in a wide range of styles and colors. Talk with one of our specialists to find the best color and fit for your child’s needs. After they are comfortable in their devices, add special hearing aid stickers or funky case colors to heighten excitement. Personalizing the devices can make your child proud to show off and keep their hearing aids.

Talk up the Benefits

Helping your child understand the benefits of their hearing aids can motivate them to take better care of their devices. Try incorporating a day at the playground to demonstrate how the hearing aids can help your child interact with their peers. If the playground isn’t their thing, try seeing a movie at the Cinemark West El Paso theater to demonstrate the clear sound their new devices offer.

By implementing these strategies, you can help your child get excited about their hearing aids and avoid the dreaded lost devices. To learn more about managing pediatric hearing loss, contact Tinnitus & Hearing Experts today to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.