Four Reasons You Should Get a Hearing Test

Hearing loss is a progressive condition, so not everyone realizes they have it. And even if they do know, it may be much more severe than they realize. In fact, people wait an average of seven years before seeking help for their hearing problem. If you suspect you may have hearing loss, it’s important to schedule a hearing test without delay. Below are five reasons why.

1. Hearing Loss Affects Your Whole Life

doctor and patient during hearing test

Our senses connect us to the world around us. If you lose one of them, your relationships with loved ones, your job, your hobbies and your world as a whole are all affected. Fortunately, most cases of hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids or surgical solutions. One study found that 94 percent of hearing aid users believe that hearing aids improved their quality of life.

2. You May Have a Problem You’re Not Aware Of

For many people, the first sign of hearing loss is being chronically told by family members that the TV is too loud or that they’re tired of repeating themselves. In addition, primary care physicians rarely screen for hearing loss unless the patient themselves brings up that it may be an issue.

3. The Sooner Hearing Loss Is Identified, the Better

The sooner hearing loss is detected, the sooner treatment can begin. Earlier intervention yields better outcomes; the longer your brain has gone without hearing certain sounds, like birds chirping or the refrigerator humming, the longer it will take for it to re-learn what these sounds are and how to filter them from important sounds like speech.

A survey of hearing aid wearers found that 71 percent reported that they wished they’d gotten their hearing aids sooner, as their social life, mental and emotional health and work performance, among other things, improved significantly afterward.

4. Hearing Loss Affects Your Health

Untreated hearing loss is associated with an array of other health conditions, including depression, anxiety and cognitive decline. One study found that risk of developing dementia is up to five times higher in people with severe untreated hearing loss. This is likely due to your brain focusing its energy on trying to hear and understand sounds and becomes too tired for other tasks.

Don’t let your relationships, health and life suffer. Call Tinnitus & Hearing Experts today for a hearing test.

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