Will Second-Hand Hearing Aids Work?

If you have hearing loss, you aren’t alone. Research tells us that approximately 15% of American adults report trouble hearing. The majority of these people would benefit from the use of hearing aids.

If you are considering hearing aids, you might be wondering what options are best for you and if second-hand hearing aids from a family member or ones you can purchase at a discounted price would be helpful.

While this may seem like an effective and budget-friendly option for treating your hearing loss, using second-hand hearing aids is an inferior treatment option for several reasons.

Why Second-Hand Hearing Aids Aren’t the Best Choice for Treating Hearing Loss Close-up of hearing aid near senior patient's ear at audiology clinic.

  • The fit won’t be right. Hearing aids are fitted to the individual wearing them, so if you take someone else’s older pair, they won’t be customized to your ears. This may be especially problematic with hearing aid models that fit inside the ear. You will need to take them to a hearing aid specialist to have them refit; otherwise, they may cause pain and be at risk of falling out of your ear, leading to damage.
  • They won’t be programmed to match your hearing needs. Similar to everyone needing a custom fit, they also need custom programs to meet their individual hearing needs. If you get a second-hand pair of hearing aids, you will still need to get a hearing test or bring in recent results to a specialist so that they can reprogram them to give you a better listening experience.
  • They might be too old. Like any technology, hearing aids have a shelf life. Hearing aids over five years old start to become more prone to natural wear and tear. This may take the form of distorted or weak hearing, shortened battery life or being too obsolete for the latest hearing aid programs.

Visit an Audiologist to Explore Your Hearing Loss Options

The best way to treat your hearing loss is to visit an expert audiologist who can work with you to find the right pair of hearing aids that meet your individual needs, fit comfortably in your ear and help you navigate any surrounding with confidence.

Your hearing health is vital to your overall health and wellness. Compared to people who leave their hearing loss untreated, people who use hearing aids experience better mental and physical health and may even decrease their risk of cognitive decline.

They also make it easier to stay connected to those you love and do things like enjoy family get-togethers or catch up with friends at The Hive Java Lounge.

To learn more about how customized hearing aids can improve your life, call Tinnitus & Hearing Experts and schedule an appointment today.